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About us




FIL-OZ Aircraft Propellers Maintenance Services offers a full range of propeller services and products to the aviation market. We overhaul and repair MT, Hoffman, Dowty, McCauley, Hartzell, Sensenich and Hamilton Standard propellers. These varies from fixed to variable pitch for single piston engine aircraft and for turbo prop commuter aircraft such as Aerei da Trasporto Regionale ATR-series and Bombardier Q-series.


Also included in our rating is the propeller governor overhaul and repair, the first of its kind here in the Philippines. And lastly, the Non Destructive Test/Inspection with Eddy Current, Penetrant , Ultrasonic and Magnetic Particle inspection. 


FIL-OZ is an Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) with certificate no. 173-19 certified by Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) with approved ratings in airframe, powerplant, propeller and specialized services. Despite having a wide range of ratings, FIL-OZ’s focus is to excel in the Propeller Maintenance. The rest of the ratings are  intended for in-house use only.

FIL-OZ’s strength lies in its drive to achieve our target of being the best propeller AMO in the Philippines and perhaps one of the best in Asia. Our roadmap to success is our proper training, equipment & tools, facility, experience, and collaboration with experts.


To provide the highest level of quality in our propeller services and at par internationally, we have designed our facility to fit to the requirements of the manufacturer for an organized and systematic flow of work. Added to the compliance are our manufacturer approved/certified tools and equipment.

Our personnel working on the job are manufacturers' trained. To further boost their training, confidence, workmanship and exposure to different propeller types, additional training from Australian Air Props Pty Ltd were provided to them for a year.  

Our collaboration with Australian Air Props Pty Ltd and Eric W. Western was the final step towards our goal.

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